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What kind of curriculum does Nanyang Kindergarten offer? Are Chinese Language classes included?


Our Kindergarten's curriculum is based mainly on the Integrated Thematic Approach. Our children are exposed to various activities in this conducive learning environment which allows them to freely explore experiment, create and learn.

Chinese Language sessions are part of our core curriculum at Nanyang Kindergarten. All the Pre-nursery and Nursery students are taught in 100% immersion in Mandarin. For Kindergarten 1 and 2, classes are conducted in both English and Mandarin. Our syllabus prepares the students to be ready for Primary One.

Children will be actively involved in their Chinese Language sessions and are able to gain an appreciation and understanding of the basis of both Chinese language and culture. Chinese Language sessions focus on the development of the spoken language through the use of songs, rhymes, stories, puppets, dramatisations, art & craft and games. We introduce the children to the written form of Chinese characters and later in K2, Hanyu Pinyin.

Kindly refer to the page OUR CURRICULUM for more information.

What kind of enrichment courses does Nanyang Kindergarten offer?

Kindly refer to the page ENRICHMENT CLASSES for more information.

Are these enrichment courses opened to those children who are not from Nanyang Kindergarten?

No. The enrichment courses are specially prepared to our Nanyang Kindergarten students to participate.

What are the curriculum hours of our school programme at Nanyang Kindergarten?

The curriculum hours in Nanyang Kindergarten are 3.5 hours for Pre-Nursery & Nursery levels and 4 hours for K1 & K2 levels. There are 4 terms in a school year. Each term consists of 10 weeks. Classes are conducted from Mondays to Fridays.

Kindly refer to the page SCHOOL INFORMATION for more information.

Do I get to choose the Morning session or Afternoon session for my child if he/she is being given a seat to enroll into Nanyang Kindergarten?

No. This is because the preferred session is given to our existing students.

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